use weapons, on t. he one hand because their body in the harsh environment becomes very strong, on the other hand, is not ah Was imprisoned before, the body of the weapons were mostly Daomao desperate CCIE Service Provider to go away. Even the rock palaces were built with rocks in the world s jail, showing how these prisoners were embarrassed. It is impossible for them to take them in, and let them come to suffer, and that it is impossible CCIE Service Provider it exam for them to give them good living conditions. The owner of the rock palace is ranked second on the list of double headed angel. Cisco Certification Double headed angel has a man and a woman two head, deformed child, is a pair of siblings, exactly that even Siamese children. This pair of brothers and sisters addicted to sex, is a masterpiece of the devil. If it is not the father and sister of the father and son of a Taoist, the brothers and sisters have long been killed. But even if their father is. a housekeeper, but their brothers and sisters made the murder too much, nor qualified to be detained in the first world prison. The first six hundred and sixty three chapter of the ancient soul of the ancient rock palace, double headed angel is eating and drinking. Unlike other prisoners, the double headed angel had a ring, and the two jailers who guarded

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